The Still, Soft Voice  - New Frontier of Self             Breakthrough to the Inner Core
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WISDOM, CALM AND JOY in Best & Worst of Times


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Learning from the Inside-Out.
Join in. ~ The SSV
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The STILL, SOFT VOICE--Five Points of View--with Dr. Clifford Brickman
Traveling with the Still, Soft Voice--and a hollywood interview.
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This book illuminates twenty-four Happenings,
24 breakthroughs to the Still, Soft Voice.

Chapter 1 is the first Breakthrough ~ 
from total investment in an outside world 
  ... to moving inward, to find ...
a Surprising discovery  

We journey to this new realm Within
finding a deep Self that can help-the-self.
 We travel from outer thought to Innermost,
from the "Cage of ego" into an expanse
of awareness and freedom.
The Second 12 mini-chapters are all about
 Challenge, adversity ~ & Solutions
  given by the Still, Soft Voice.

Then, focus carefully on the Chart
for balance & clarity every moment,
"Simple Ego vs. The Inner Core."