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Wisdom at the Core

of Consciousness


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Release dates 

 Hardcover  Jan. 11, 2011 ~ First edition

Softcover  Nov. 07, 2012 ~ orig. May 18, 2011

E-book  Dec. 22, 2012 ~ currently Kindle


The Still, Soft Voice. New Frontier of Self.

Breaking through to the Inner Core

of Consciousness. 


A New Frontier of Self revolves around a ground-breaking discovery. A doctor and patients find an inner voice of wisdom, which responds to all questions when asked. The 24 astonishing narratives are funneled into one book. The discovery challenges notions of who we are; the inquiry expands personal boundaries and awareness. Dwelling in the midst of each person is a presence, a most quiet and powerful voice. This consciousness is integrated, thinking & feeling, strength & wisdom, and a guide.

The Still, Soft Voice does not demand nor push. It's always there, ready to respond and help with direction, if asked. Become more acquainted with essential Self. ~ Journey to the inner core.  


   Dr. Clifford Brickman ( About )                               


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